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Health and hygiene


Protecting the health of our employees is just as important as protecting their safety。

Management requirements for exposure to hazardous substances, exposure to endemic diseases, fatigue management and employee health and well-being are set out in our SSHE Performance Standards。Health and hygiene management includes health monitoring and health monitoring。

Key processes for planning and managing health exposure risks include annual reviews and updating of exposure assessments (health risk assessments) for each operating mine。

Following the annual exposure assessment, similar exposure groups (SEGs) are reviewed and an annual occupational health monitoring plan is developed and implemented。In addition, health monitoring requirements are reviewed and updated。

We also require operating mines to develop and maintain their own endemic and infectious disease management plans and to provide on-boarding, training and education in health and hygiene for employees and contractors。

We focus on improving controls to eliminate, control and reduce employees' exposure to hazards and carcinogens as much as possible。

Some of these measures include:

  • Sulfuric acid mist: Polypropylene balls are added to chemical containers to break up bubbles and reduce the likelihood of release into the air
  • Diesel particulate: low sulphur fuel, engine selection and continuous preventive maintenance, exhaust gas filtration system
  • Inhalable CRYSTALLINE silicon dioxide: continuous on-site dust removal by watering or spraying, enclosed cabin equipment, exhaust ventilation system, use of vacuum instead of blown compressed air
  • Welding smoke: mandatory respiratory protection, including related operation training

MMG also operates in countries with high rates of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, typhoid fever, dengue fever and other tropical diseases。Exposure management plans must be established and implemented in all of our workplaces。

The Kingseville Mine continues to manage occupational health risks for its employees, particularly radiation and malaria risks。The mine has dedicated medical staff for all employees to help them manage their health problems。Kinseville strictly adheres to government guidelines, regularly monitors radiation risks and submits the results to the relevant regulatory authorities in the DRC。

To learn more about our initiatives, please refer to ourSustainability Reportwemineforprogress.com網站。